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11 Best Sports Cars

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  • You can sit down with your friends and spend all day talking about the best sports cars. It often boils down to individual tastes. However, when it comes to the 11 best sports cars, automotive industry experts provide insight into what pushes the cream to the top of the list. From to Consumer Reports, sports car experts have compiled myriad “Best of” lists, with a large number of vehicles appearing on most of the lists.

    Shopping for a high-end sports car requires you to understand what to look for under the hood and inside of the vehicle.

    The powertrain represents the most important factor for determining the 11 best sports cars. Engines should produce enough horsepower to move past lagging motorists and enough torque to accelerate from idle to 60 miles per hour in less than six seconds. Most sports car enthusiasts prefer manual transmissions, which gives them more control over vehicle performance. Manual gear selections that include sticks or paddles provide aggressive shifting for periods of intense acceleration. Many sports cars include turbo or super chargers that force more air into the engine to mix with high-octane fuel. The 11 best sports cars all possess engines that include at least six cylinders. In addition to raw power, the 11 best sports cars handle any type of terrain or road condition by leveraging minimal body materials, prompt steering responses, and tight suspension systems

    Limited room to enhance vehicle aerodynamics limits what most sports car manufacturers can accomplished in the interior. However, the 11 best sports cars all share state-of-the-art navigation and entertainment systems. The electronics within the best 11 sports cars include large touchscreens for watching movies, as well as pinpointing the exact location of your sports car and route directions. Sleek leather seats typically appoint the best sports cars, but the real inside gem operates as the car’s safety system. Sports cars beg to zoom past other types of vehicle and thus, you need to operate a sports car that includes Antilock Brakes (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Blind Spot Monitoring and airbags that protect vulnerable portions of the body also define the best 11 sports cars.

    Personal tastes aside, the best way to name the 11 best sports cars is by referring to automotive expert reviews. The reviews can comprise individual analysis of several sports cars or group reviews that rank the 11 best sports cars. In either case, the following sports cars appear on a vast majority of automotive expert best sports cars list.

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