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11 Best American Made Cars

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  • American made cars have undergone revolutionary changes that rival the world’s most iconic automotive brands. Because of low transportation costs, American made cars typically cost less than similar models. Above all, the “Buy American” mantra has returned to reach a fever pitch.


    High performance cars run smoothly over the most rugged terrain and stay firmly gripped to the slickest road surfaces. Performance also encompasses straight line speed over the open road. Experts grade car performance by acceleration rates and the endurance of car components.


    American manufacturers include luxurious interior features that provide comfort and visual appeal. Top American cars should provide leather seats, plenty of leg room as well as considerable cargo space. Interior features, like large touchscreens and advanced audio systems, put the icing on the cake.


    The top cars have exteriors that promote panache and contain high-grade materials that resist the damage caused by strong impacts and long-term exposure to moisture. Other factors include aerodynamics and body structure. Exterior features are the most subjective – after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


    Every vehicle our list includes a comprehensive safety system that detects imminent danger and alerts drivers to take immediate action. Blind Spot Monitoring and Lane Assist are as common as all-wheel drive and continuously variable timing transmissions. Advanced safety features prevent collisions, which bodes well for your health and monthly insurance premiums.

    When reviewing our list, remember the term “American made.” For years, automotive analysts defined made in America as vehicles manufactured inside the United States. That changed when foreign automakers such as Toyota began building plants in the country. A few of the vehicles on the list come from foreign based automakers that operate American auto manufacturing plants.

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