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20 Best Cheap Cars 2015

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  • The average transaction price of a new vehicle is around $30,000. What happens if your budget is only 2/3 that? Used cars are an option, but there’s a lot to be said for owning a new car with a full warranty.

    Our 20 Best Cheap Cars ceiling is a $20,000 suggested retail price, including the manufacturer’s destination fee, which averages $800. While one or more trim levels of a given car may meet our price limit, we focus on those with desirable extras that make your daily drive more enjoyable.

    A $20,000 car doesn’t come without compromises. You’re likely headed into the subcompact and compact classes, for example. Within these ranks, though, you’ll find four-door sedans that comfortably accommodate four adults. There are hatchbacks and wagons with near-SUV-like utility and two-door coupes that are less versatile but fun to drive. No car here skimps on creature comforts. Nearly all offer some form of Bluetooth connectivity. Some have full-on infotainment systems with available built-in navigation. Still others offer high-tech safety features once the purview of luxury cars.

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