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20 Cars With Amazing Fuel Economy That Aren’t Hybrids

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  • Is 9 mpg worth $4,995? Those are the gaps between the Honda Civic HF, which starts at $20,830 and rates 35 mpg city/highway combined, and the Civic Hybrid, which starts at $25,425 and rates 44 combined. Of course, you could always pay $50,825 for a BMW ActiveHybrid 3 that rates 28 mpg combined or $39,525 for a BMW 3 Series diesel that rates 37. Your calculations are your own, and may well take into account your views on carpool-lane qualifying or the social benefits of lower hybrid emissions. Our job here is to point out cars that get great fuel economy, but aren’t hybrids. We rank them by EPA city/highway combined ratings and include in prices the manufacturer’s destination fees, which average around $800.

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