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10 Best Luxury Cars of 2015

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  • Luxury cars have always been expected to offer a step up from the average vehicle. The typical premium car will offer the latest design, the best material, and the most advanced powertrain and technology.

    High prices allow automakers to put maximum time and money into design, available high-tech features, driving experience, and more.

    The absence of price restrictions allows the auto manufacturers to push the boundaries of what electric or hybrid cars can do. Vehicles like the Tesla Model S or BMW i-Series offer all the fuel economy expected from an alternative fuel auto while delivering the power and luxury of a premium sports car.

    The range of prices these automobiles can be had for has also grown with introduction of lower priced models like the BMW 2-Series, Audi A3, and Buick Verano. Starting at $30,000 or lower, these cars offer a taste of luxury and represent their brand well, but fall short of their more expensive sibling cars.

    In our Top 10 List of the Best Luxury Cars, we take a look at premium cars from all price points. We rate the cars on a combination of comfort, power, road manners, ride quality, exterior and interior design, available features, value and more. If you are looking for a great luxury car, there is one here for you.

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