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The 12 Best British Cars of 2016

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  • Whether buying a car for the motorway or the city, whether you are looking for something practical to move the family or something small and fun just for yourself, and whether you are working with a small budget or no budget at all, there is a fine automobile out on the market for you. Made in the UK, across Europe, in Asia, or the United States, there is a great number of available cars today and a great one in every car category. We have compiled a list of the 12 cars sold in the UK and rated every car on performance, ride quality, styling, comfort, equipment, safety, reliability, and value. Every car is judged on what they are meant to do and how well they do it. We don’t expect an inexpensive city car to be able to match the performance and comfort of a luxury executive saloon car, and we equally do not expect the luxury executive saloon car to match the economy and value of the best small city cars.

    So take a look over our list of Best British Cars of 2016 and see if you agree.

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