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10 Cars You Should Not Buy

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  • With the help of computers and modern technology, there are arguably no lemons available for purchase at a new car dealer lot today. It is not possible to buy a new car that is simply unsafe. That being said, there are a number of cars that we would recommend you do not consider buying when looking for a new car.

    Now, all of the cars on our list will have their loyal following and you can find at least one consumer reviewer for every one of these cars who loves decision to buy it. But disregarding the few loyal fans, the 10 cars on our list should be avoided. Whether it is because sites like report poor reliability scores, experts don’t think the automobile stacks up to its competition, or the vehicle simply does not have capability to do what is expected of it, these 10 cars should be crossed off any car buyers’ list. Check out our selections and avoid them while shopping for a new auto.

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